Why We’re Brewing KLVN Coffee Lab!

We love KLVN Coffee Lab and their dedication to roasting the finest coffee in Pittsburgh. They source coffees with rare and beautiful qualities. Following the source they roast in the way they have found to let each coffee be it’s best form, West-Coast style. There’s no better way to enjoy a cup of coffee than with KLVN. Look for our special daily brews to wake you up each morning!

Why We’re Serving Axel’s Pretzels!

What’s better than organic pretzels? Vegan & organic pretzels! We love Axel’s Pretzels and everything they stand for. Their authentic German pretzels come from a local German owner & baker who missed home and wanted to share it with Pittsburgh! Look for them fresh daily at My Goodness. We recommend trying them with one of our dips!

Why We’re Scooping Millie’s!

We love Millies and the family behind it. Lauren, Chad, their little ones,  and their awesome team are the driving force behind Pittsburgh’s best ice cream (and their dog Burt, how could we forget!). From innovative flavors to began flavors you would SWEAR are not vegan- they have it all and thensome. Look for our sister restaurant’s (Square Cafe) recent Millie’s flavor mashup in the form of a special Blueberry Pancake Ice Cream. YUM.

Our MUST TRY at My Goodness? Millies Vegan Chocolate!

Why we’re serving Pigeon Bagels!

Serving food that is made locally in Pittsburgh is important to us. Pigeon Bagels not only makes their delicious breakfast items in Pittsburgh but they are heavily involved in the community and we love that. Find them at My Goodness!

Must Try! We recommend their everything bagel with plain cream cheese.

Why we sell from Jubilee Hilltop Ranch!

Family owned and operated, Jubilee Hilltop Ranch takes exceptional care of their cattle. Their sustainable practices and attention to detail in soil and grasses make their beef products the tastiest on the market! We are proud to partner with a local family business who’s values align with ours of health and wellness. Find their beef products in our freezer section!

We take great pride in raising 100 percent grass fed cattle, utilizing rotational grazing with carefully chosen annual and perennial grasses, to promote good health, good soil and great flavor in our beef products




Yeany’s Maple Syrup






BB and Bur